Business cards on Biprint alveolar: surprising and original impact
Cards Biprint alveolar
Cards Biprint alveolar
Cards Biprint alveolar
Cards Biprint alveolar
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  • Format (W x H) : 85 x 55 mm
  • Delivery options : workshop pickup in Nivelles or 1 address in Belgium
117€ Excl. Tax
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Among these, the business card on Biprint alveolar, a surprising and original product that will not leave your interlocutor indifferent.
The lightness and thickness of the support will give a positive trace and a lasting memory for your communication.

The business card is nowadays an essential tool in professional life. It greatly facilitates the exchange of information. It is a reflection of your agency's activity. The business card on Biprint alveolar is a valuable advertising tool.

Card papers Biprint

Papiers Biprint

The Biprint honeycomb support is made of polypropylene bench that can be recycled in industry. It is an impermeable material, very light and strong, which makes it a perfect product for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to a corona treatment which consists in discharging electrical energy at very high frequency, we can guarantee an optimal printing result on this type of material.

Technical details

Horizontal format 85 x 55 and vertical format 55 x 85 mm

Technical details

Tips for preparing your file

File preparation

Lost margins

Thanks to our preflight, you are not obliged to provide lost edges, however, if you provide them, count at least 3 mm, in order to prevent cutting defects. Cutting lines are not necessary.

The security zone

This is the inner margin of your documents where you will avoid placing texts or logos. This margin is not mandatory, but it allows for a more aerated and less overwritten layout. This is 5 mm minimum 2 mm.
To know the dimensions of your files, see the "Details" tab.

Useful templates to prepare your document:

Horizontal card template 85 x 55 mm PDF
Vertical card template 55 x 85 mm PDF

Shipping information


The choice of delivery method is made at the end of the order and before choosing your payment method.

You can choose between:
- Workshop pickup in Nivelles (free of charge)
- 1 address in Belgium (see below)

Delivery and packaging costs incl. VAT (*) :
0 to 30kg : BE 16€ ; >30kg → 60kg : BE 30€ ; >60kg → 90kg : BE 37€

Weight (*)

Card 55 x 85 mm : 1,6g

(*) Note: the weight information is given for information purposes only. It is always necessary to provide an additional margin for packaging (maximum 1 kg).