Signs to indicate an ongoing construction site, light and robust
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  • Support : Alveolar PVC
  • Thickness : 4 mm
  • Delivery options : workshop pickup in Nivelles or 1 address in Belgium
100,75€ Excl. Tax
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The Biprint sign, as its name suggests, is a communication tool that is placed on a building. They are used, for example, to indicate a house for sale or rent, or to show a future construction project.
Immo-PrintShop offers you formats adapted to all types of situations. We have opted for predefined formats, but if you need another format, do not hesitate to send us your request to

Biprint panel

Biprint panel

The Alveolar panels sheets are made of polypropylene, which makes them very robust. A corona treatment that consists of discharging electrical energy at very high frequency guarantees an optimal printing result. Beyond their solidity, the honeycomb sheets are easy to install, which makes them easy to use outdoors. They are also resistant to weather and UV rays. Thanks to the cells, the panels are stable while remaining lightweight. They can therefore be transported in large quantities without any problem.

Technical details

Size 500 x 350 et 600 x 400 mm

Technical detailsSize 700 x 500 et 800 x 600 mm

Technical detailsSize 1000 x 700 mm

Technical details
Tips for preparing your file
File preparation

Lost margins

Thanks to our preflight, you are not obliged to provide lost margins, however, if you provide them, count at least 5 mm, in order to prevent cutting defects. Cutting lines are not necessary.

The security zone

This is the inner margin of your documents where you will avoid placing texts or logos. This margin is not mandatory, but it allows for a more aerated and less overwritten layout. This is 5 mm, minimum 3 mm
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Useful templates to prepare your document:
Panel template 500x350 mm PDF
Panel template 600x400 mm PDF
Panel template 700x500 mm PDF
Panel template 800x600 mm PDF
Panel template 1000x700 mm PDF
Panel template 1200x800 mm PDF
Panel template 1600x600 mm PDF
Panel template 1600x1200 mm PDF

Shipping information


The choice of delivery method is made at the end of the order and before choosing your payment method.

You can choose between:
- Workshop pickup in Nivelles (free of charge)
- 1 address in Belgium (see below)

Delivery and packaging costs incl. VAT (*) :
0 à 30kg : BE 10€ ; >30kg → 100kg : BE 26€ ; >100kg → 500kg : BE 38€

Weight per m2
Panel 4 mm : 700g
Panel 8 mm : 1500g

(*) Note: the weight information is given for information purposes only. It is always necessary to provide an additional margin for packaging (maximum 12 kg).