Legal notice
General Conditions of Sale

The purchases made on the platform and its other domain names, hereinafter referred to as "the Site", are governed by the following general conditions of sale, hereinafter referred to as "the Conditions".
By clicking on "I accept", the Customer accepts the general conditions of sale without limitations or reservations.
The site belongs to RAINBOW PRINTING S.A., whose operating premises are located at:
Rue de l'Artisanat 1
1400 Nivelles
TVA BE0877 733 303

1. Services offered by the site

The site offers online printing services (web to print), hereinafter referred to as "the Services".
To access the Services, users must register on the Site. When registering, the Customer must state whether he wants to register and therefore place orders as a company or privately. The Customer must also indicate his nationality. Only purchases made by private users are subject to the rules and regulations applicable to consumers.
All the prices shown on the Site are given in euros and are inclusive of VAT. The prices of the products may vary periodically.
All the prices of the products shown on the Site are given in euros and the Customer can view them as TTC (inclusive of VAT) or HT (exclusive of VAT), depending on the country and type of registration. The prices of the products are subject to change without notice.
For certain products and certain offers, the shipping costs are included. For all other products, the costs of packaging and transport are not included. They will be added to the invoice when the order is finalised.

2. Choice of product and purchasing arrangements

Once the Customer is connected, he can select products as described in the corresponding sections, select them one by one, personalise them and add the desired quantities to the shopping basket. The photographs, images and other illustrations are shown on the Site for information purposes and have no contractual value.
If the Customer wants to print his images or his own drawings for certain products, he must finalise the order and upload the file using the button provided for this purpose. The Customer is solely responsible for checking the contents, the spelling and the graphics of the uploaded files.
Once the products have been selected, a page is displayed that allows the order to be sent and indicates the prices and the total amount.

3. Payments and uploading of content

The Customer can purchase products online and pay by credit card, by Paypal, by Stripe or by bank transfer, as indicated on the Site, by following the purchasing instructions.
The information required for payments is sent using encrypted protocols to the financial institution that Oldtimer Printshop has designated for remote electronic payment services.
Payments must be made in advance, and orders are printed only after the payment has been completed and the Customer has uploaded the file. Therefore, printing will not start until the file upload has been confirmed.
For payments by bank transfer, printing will not start until the payment has been credited to the bank account. Therefore, there may be a delay of 2-3 days before the delivery is made, plus the time required for printing and shipping. In this case, in order to speed up the transaction the order number should be entered in the communications section of the transfer.
For purchases, the invoices for all Customers are drawn up by Post-up S.A.
The Customer will receive an e-mail with a link that allows him to download the invoice.
The invoice will appear in a dedicated section of the Customer area. The Customer can then go to this area, download the document, print it and file it according to the regulations in force.

4. Responsibility of Customers for uploaded content

The Customer assumes full responsibility for selecting the content and images to be printed and, where necessary, for obtaining the corresponding authorisations for the reproduction thereof. Oldtimer Printshop will not under any circumstances check the content.
Oldtimer Printshop may not under any circumstances be held liable for the unauthorised use of images by the Customer or for any violation of any kind of the rights of others.
The Customer releases and undertakes to hold Oldtimer Printshop harmless from any and all liability vis-a-vis any other party who may complain of violations of intellectual property rights, damage to reputation, honour or moral integrity or any material or non-material damage resulting from the printing of any images or content uploaded by the Customer.
Oldtimer Printshop reserves the right at all times to block any order that clearly infringes on the intellectual property rights of others or if the contents thereof are defamatory, violent or in any other way in contravention of public order or morality.

5. Automatic checking of uploaded files

The system of Oldtimer Printshop automatically checks the files received in terms of format, dimensions, resolution and the possible presence of open source fonts, the characters and the conversion of these vectors, white overprint, the space for holes as well as the conversion of Pantone colours to the best profile for the requested print (the images that we receive in RGB or with Pantone colours are automatically converted with a standard separation profile).
In the event that the file that is sent is non-compliant, the system will block the order. In this case, the Customer will be immediately informed by e-mail and will be asked to upload the file again.
If the system does not detect any non-compliance, the file will be automatically printed.

6. Possibility of an operator checking the uploaded files

At the Customer's request, using the "Check File" option and subject to an additional payment, the Customer can ask Oldtimer Printshop to check the graphic and aesthetic features of the file.
If this option is selected, Oldtimer Printshop will check the file in terms of shape traces, safety margins, the distance of the graphic elements from the edge of the print and front and back orientation.
In any case, the system that Oldtimer Printshop uses to have uploaded files checked by an operator may not be construed as an exhaustive verification of the layout, the spelling or the possibility of missing photographs in the proposed products with personalisation.

7. Proof

The website contains graphic elements, photographs, visual elements, images, models, document templates, texts, fonts, software and other information (hereinafter referred to as "the Content").
This site and all its Content are the property of Oldtimer Printshop and are subject to intellectual property law. It is strictly forbidden to store, copy, distribute, publish or use any part of the Content with the exception of that which is expressly authorised in these Conditions of Use. Oldtimer Printshop reserves the right to add, delete or modify any part of the Content at any time without prior notice.
The Customer is authorised to access and use this Site for the sole purpose of personalising, viewing and approving Proofs and ordering printed products and associated services (hereinafter referred to as "the Products") only through Oldtimer Printshop. No other form of downloading, storage, use, publication or distribution of any part of the Content is authorised or permitted. Purchase of Products from Oldtimer Printshop does not entitle the Customer to use any part of the Content other than the finished printed Products as supplied by Oldtimer Printshop.
Each user is personally responsible for his use of the Content and for incorporating in his products other images, graphics, texts or other elements, hereinafter referred to as "Data". The user expressly agrees not to incorporate in his Products any text, image, drawing, trademark or service mark or any work of which the intellectual property rights belong to any third party without first having obtained the appropriate authorisations of the owners.
The user guarantees that his Products and Data will not violate any rights of a third party, including intellectual property rights, trademark rights or rights with regard to the infringement of private or public life and that they will not slander or libel any third party. By placing an order on this Site, the user guarantees Oldtimer Printshop that he is the holder of the intellectual property rights or of the rights of third parties relating to the Data provided for the personalisation of his Products and undertakes to ensure that these elements do not violate the rights of third parties and, in particular, literary and artistic property rights, industrial property rights or image rights and that he has received all the necessary authorisations to this end. Accordingly, the user of Oldtimer Printshop undertakes to employ his best efforts to hold Oldtimer Printshop harmless from any and all claims and/or proceedings, whatever the form or nature thereof, against it relating directly or indirectly to the Data transmitted to Oldtimer Printshop. To this end, the Customer of Oldtimer Printshop undertakes to pay directly to the claimant any and all amounts that may be demanded of Oldtimer Printshop and, if necessary, to intervene voluntarily in all proceedings instituted against Oldtimer Printshop and to hold it harmless from any and all claims and rulings that may be made against Oldtimer Printshop in this context. Therefore, the user of Oldtimer Printshop bears editorial responsibility for the legality of the Data transmitted to Oldtimer Printshop by any means whatsoever.

8. Delivery and shipping deadlines

The products will be delivered according to the deadline selected in the estimate. Deadlines are calculated based on the finalisation of the order, i.e. when the file has been uploaded and confirmation has been received. The delivery deadlines are valid for most of the national territory concerned.
The order will be deemed to be incomplete until such time as the file has been uploaded by the Customer and the corresponding confirmation has been received. If the Customer does not upload the file within 15 days following the date of the order and has completed the payment, the order will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded.
If the file is non-compliant, the order will be cancelled and/or the payment will be refunded if the file is not retransmitted within 15 days.
The products will be shipped and delivered by the deadline selected in the estimate on condition that the purchase of the order is finalised before 3 pm on the same day. The receipt of files or the confirmation of payments after 5 pm will be deemed to have taken place on the next working day. Working days are days from Monday to Friday with the exception of official public holidays in Belgium (ref.
Oldtimer Printshop may not under any circumstances be held liable for any damage resulting from delays in delivery.

9. Guarantee

The following are explicitly excluded from any and all guarantees on products delivered by the supplier:
normal wear (including gradual deterioration, chalking and loss of clarity), reduction in opportunities for use, loss of compatibility due to technological progress or otherwise, any and all forms of damage occurring during/after application by the Customer, materials (stickers), careless use or damage occurring after or as a result of changes made following delivery.
The supplier guarantees the robust construction of the delivered products. However, this guarantee will under no circumstances exceed the guarantee provided by the supplier himself to his supplier.
The guarantee of products or items delivered by the supplier but manufactured by third parties includes only the guarantee given to the supplier by such third parties.
As regards the guarantee, the conditions set out in the present article apply explicitly, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Customer and the supplier.

10. Right of withdrawal or return

The exercise of the right of withdrawal is excluded for the following contracts:
contracts concerning supplies of goods manufactured according to the specifications and personalisation of the Customer;
contracts for the supply of goods that are subject to rapid deterioration or expiry;
contracts for the supply of goods that have been unwrapped by the consumer following delivery and that may not be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection.
The Customer's right of withdrawal or return applies only to certain products that are not personalised.
In this case, the Customer may terminate the contract within 14 days following the delivery of the products. To exercise this right, the Customer must send a letter to Oldtimer Printshop at the following address by the deadline indicated below:

Post-up S.A.
Site oldtimer-printshop
rue de l'Artisanat 1/2
1400 Nivelles

Oldtimer Printshop will send confirmation to the Customer and inform him of the arrangements for the return of the product. After the product has been returned, Oldtimer Printshop will reimburse the amount to the Customer.
The cost of sending the products will be borne by the Customer.

11. Waiver of liability - product defects

Oldtimer Printshop will not be liable vis-a-vis the Customer for any damage, whether direct or indirect, arising from any errors of any kind concerning the printing of the file sent by the Customer, except in the case of fraud or serious misconduct.
In the event of printing errors that are not attributable to the Customer or the delivery of faulty or damaged products, Oldtimer Printshop will be under an obligation only to make one single reprint of the material.
At the time of delivery, the Customer must carefully examine the products he receives. Any defects of the goods delivered or of the packing material that are not attributable to the Customer must be immediately reported to the carrier. The goods must be accepted by signing with a specific inspection reservation. The Customer should then start litigation from his Personal area and attach photographic evidence, where necessary, within 8 days of receipt of the material.
Oldtimer Printshop will do its best to reply within four hours to any complaints.

12. Complaints

The quantities delivered, the goods and the packages must be checked by the Customer or in his name at the time of delivery, and any anomalies observed must be indicated either on the delivery slip or document or on the invoice. Failing this, the Customer will be deemed to have received the correct quantity of goods and to have accepted that they are in good condition. In this case, any subsequent complaint in this regard will no longer be admissible.
Oldtimer Printshop may not be held responsible for replacing all or some of the goods in the event of a complaint by the Customer under the terms of point 11.1. Oldtimer Printshop is not responsible for any damage other than damage affecting the goods delivered or the services provided caused by inadequate quality, incorrect size or poor condition of the goods delivered or of the services provided.
The Customer must always give Oldtimer Printshop an opportunity to examine the condition of the goods at the time of delivery to enable Oldtimer Printshop to verify the merits of the complaint.
Any complaints relating to invoices must be submitted to Oldtimer Printshop in writing within a maximum period of 14 working days from the date of the sending of the invoice. Beyond this period, any complaints will be deemed to be late and will be declared inadmissible. The complaint must be accompanied by a copy of the delivery slip and all the positives and negatives. The Customer may not apply any compensation that is decided unilaterally.
Minor modifications to a print may not be used as the basis for a complaint.
Any complaints concerning the print data and, in particular, the CMYK colour model, the resolution, the fonts, the formats, etc. will not be admissible if the work is consistent with the print data transmitted by the purchaser. A minor alteration of the colours in relation to the print data will not be construed as a defect. This also applies, in particular, to minor alterations of colours between different orders and between different pages within the same order and in relation to a previous order placed with Oldtimer Printshop. The same applies to differences between specimens (e.g. screen displays, proofs, etc.) and the finished product. A specific paper orientation is not guaranteed. There may be unavoidable minor cutting or folding tolerances relating to the production process and the functioning of the machinery that will not constitute grounds for complaints.
Indications concerning the printing technique are not contractual. A particular printing technique is not guaranteed and will therefore not constitute grounds for complaints.

13. Liability

Furthermore, if an order form has been issued, the Customer will be under an obligation to permit proper inspection of the products delivered or of the service rendered. In the event of an error or poor finishing, the supplier's liability will be explicitly limited to carrying out the required corrections or re-producing the faulty products and may not give rise to any compensation, except in the case of intentional errors or gross negligence on the part of the supplier, his staff or his subcontractors.
The supplier may under no circumstances be held responsible for indirect damage caused to the Customer, for example loss of profits, non-material damage, commercial damage or lack of earnings, arising only from a shortcoming, irregular practices or neglect that is directly attributable to Oldtimer Printshop.
In any case, the supplier's liability will be limited to the amount of the contract, i.e. the amount that the Customer would have paid if the service had been rendered to the Customer's satisfaction.
Shortcomings of whatever nature in the services rendered by third parties are not attributable to and are therefore not binding on Oldtimer Printshop.
Any damage must be reported in writing to Oldtimer Printshop as promptly as possible and at the latest within 14 working days from the time of discovery or of the day on which it could reasonably have been discovered. Failing this, no compensation will be granted for the damage in question. The consumer will be released from this condition only if he is able to demonstrate plausibly that in the particular circumstances he could not reasonably be expected to reply in writing by this deadline.
It will be assumed that the Customer holds all the intellectual property rights for the orders that he places with Oldtimer Printshop. Oldtimer Printshop may not under any circumstances be held liable for the consequences of any violation of intellectual property rights by the Customer.

14. Severability - Non-waiver clause

If any of the provisions of the present Conditions is declared to be invalid, illegal or inapplicable, this will not affect the validity, legality or applicability of the other provisions. If at any time the supplier fails to exercise or enforce any of the rights mentioned in the present Conditions, this omission will under no circumstances be construed as a waiver of such provisions and will under no circumstances affect the validity of these rights.

15. Jurisdiction

Any disputes relating to the conclusion, validity, interpretation or performance of this contract or of any contracts resulting therefrom will be governed by Belgian law and will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district where the supplier's enterprise is domiciled.

Rév. 2 - 11/12/2019

The contractual clauses "General Conditions of Sale" are not of a retroactive nature as of the date of the revision.
Contracts concluded on our website are archived for a period of 10 years. You can access archived contracts by making a request by e-mail to the address or by post to the address given in point 10.

The proposed language of the contract is French.

Conditions of use

Access to the site and its other domain names (hereinafter referred to as "the Site") and use thereof are subject to acceptance by the user of the following conditions ("the Conditions") and the applicable legislation. By accessing and consulting this Site, the user accepts the Conditions defined below without restrictions or reservations. If the Conditions are not accepted, the user is invited not to use the Site.
The "Site" is the property of Post-up S.A., whose registered offices are located in rue de l'Artisanat 1/2, 1400 Nivelles, Belgium, VAT BE 0877 733 303.
The purchase of products on the "Site" is governed by the Terms and Conditions of Sale that will be transmitted to the user at the time of the purchase.
For any queries, the "Site" may be contacted at the addresses given in the Contact section of the Site.

1. Restrictions on the use of the content and information published on the Site

All the information and content that is published on the site (the "Information") is protected by copyright or by other intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise stated, it may not be used, whether wholly or partially, copied, reproduced, transferred, published or distributed by any means whatsoever without the prior written authorisation of the "Site". The user may download and/or print the information only for personal use and for non-commercial purposes. In any case, the user may not distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, send or use the information, including any texts, images, content or software that may be present on the "Site", for advertising or commercial purposes without the prior written authorisation of Post-up S.A.
Any brands, logos and any other distinctive signs appearing on the site are the property of Post-up S.A. or its commercial partners and may not be used in any way and in any form whatsoever without the prior written authorisation of Post-up S.A.
Any violation of intellectual property rights whatsoever may be reported to Post-up S.A. at the following e-mail address:

2. Limitations of liability

Post-up S.A. undertakes to publish accurate and up-to-date information on the Site. However, Post-up S.A. does not guarantee that the use of the information does not infringe on the rights of any third parties or that it is free of errors, accurate, complete and up to date. Post-up S.A. may under no circumstances be held liable for any negative consequences, damages or losses arising from or connected with the use of the Site or of the Information.

3. Sites, links and third-party content

Post-up S.A. has no control over the content of third-party sites or external pages to which the Site may be linked by whatever means and will bear no liability with regard to the material or information contained on these sites to which there is a link from the site of Oldtimer Printshop. Visitors who follow links to pages other than those of the Site do so at their own risk. The existence of connections to other sites by links may not in any case be construed as meaning that Post-up S.A. is partnered with or affiliated to the third-party owners of such sites.

4. Information sent by users

Any information, content or material that is sent to the Site (including uploaded files, data, queries, comments, advice or other content) will always be considered as confidential. The user guarantees that it will hold Post-upg S.A. harmless from any proceedings, complaints, claims or requests by third parties within the framework of the use of such material.

5. Registration of users

Any user may register on the Site by entering his data in the registration form provided for this purpose if he intends to purchase products that are sold through the Site. The user guarantees Post-up S.A. that the information provided for registration is up to date, reliable and correct and undertakes to communicate any change in the registration data. The user must communicate this data by modifying his own account. If Post-up S.A. deems that the information is incorrect or for any serious reason deems such a measure to be justified, it is entitled to deny access to the Site or to suspend the user's account. Post-up S.A. will check the VAT identification number only for professional users/companies that are established in the European Union.

6. Other restrictions

Only the home page of the Site is accessible to third parties. Deep-linking is strictly forbidden without the prior written authorisation of Post-up S.A.
Third parties are forbidden from framing the Site or parts of the Site and from using any other means whatsoever that may lead users to believe that the content of the site is attributable to third parties. It is also forbidden to include any part of the Site on the sites of third parties that are unrelated to the company Post-up S.A.
Any request for connection to the home page of the Site or to any section, page or content whatsoever of the Site may be sent to the following address: Post-up S.A. will grant authorisation for the activation of the link to the Site at its discretion, free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis.

Latest update 11/12/2019.

Post-up S.A. is entitled to amend these conditions of use at any time. The user is bound by these modifications and must therefore periodically visit this page to check the content of the conditions of use to which he is bound.

Legal information

Post-up S.A., operating premises:
rue de l'Artisanat 1
1400 Nivelles
TVA BE0877 733 303
IBAN BE39 0682 4348 8619 BIC GKCCBEBB
Managing Director: Pierre Delferrière

Protection of personal data

The following text is intended to inform users who visit the site (hereafter referred to as the “Site”) of the measures adopted with regard to personal data protection, specifying our own engagement and our attention with regard to protecting the privacy of the Site´s visitors. We ask you to carefully read our Confidentiality Policy, which applies both in the event that you should access the website and decide simply to navigate within it by using our services, without buying any product, and in the event that you should decide to make purchases.

We ask that you also read (if you have not already done so) the Site Use Conditions, since they too contain important information on the security systems adopted by the Site.

Navigating within the Site is free and does not require any registration, with the exception of certain areas where the user can freely and expressly provide items of information relating to himself in order to access precisely identified services (for example, in order to be able to make purchases, sign up for the newsletter or request information, etc.). Thus, if the visitor wishes to provide his own data in order to access these further services, he will be expressly informed as stipulated by the Law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on information technology, files and civil liberties (hereafter referred to as the “Law”) and by Regulation EU 679/2016 “General Data Protection Regulation” (hereafter referred to as the “Regulation”) with indication (for example) of the purposes and methods of utilisation of the data by Post-up SA, as well as of the right to request that data be deleted or updated at any time. One must regard any reference to the Law contained in the Confidentiality Policy, and on the Site in general, as being valid and effective within the limits and in so far as the provisions referred to shall remain applicable after the date of application of the Regulation (1-4-2019). The website is not addressed to children younger than sixteen years of age, who moreover are prohibited from creating an account or providing their own information in any other manner.

Within the meanings and according to the effects of the Law and the Regulation, Post-up SA gives the following information.

1. The Controller and the Subcontractors of the Processing

The Controller of the personal data processing is Post-up SA, whose operating headquarters is located at rue de l´Artisanat 1/2, 1400 Nivelles, Belgium. VAT number BE 0877.733.303; contact e-mail address: (hereafter referred to as “Rainbow Printing SA”, the “Controller” or the “Company”).

For exclusively organisational and functional requirements, we have appointed certain providers of functional services for managing the Site as external subcontractors to process the personal data of users for purposes strictly linked to and connected with the performance of the services provided by the Site, including the sale of products.

2. Categories of personal data processed

It is not necessary to register in order to access the Site. On the other hand, inside the Site there are areas that require a registration or the use of a user name and password (for example, to register in the personal space, or to complete the online purchase procedure), or services for which it is necessary to provide one´s own data (for example, your data may be required to access the newsletter service, to contact us, etc.).
Concerning the data relating to navigation within the Site, also see section 7 below relating to the profiling instruments used by the Site.

3. Non-obligatory character of the provision of personal data

In principle, it is not required to communicate personal data. However, in certain cases, not providing data can make it impossible to access certain services and obtain what might be requested (for example, the registration and communication of personal data - electronic address, postal address, credit card data or bank details, telephone number - are necessary for purchasing products online); not communicating these data can thus make it impossible to access the services of the Site or to respond to user requests. The required data are indicated with an asterisk (*) on the Site’s information collection forms. The consequences of not communicating them are explained in the specific information present on the data collection pages.

4. Purposes

The data are collected and processed for purposes relating strictly to the use of the Site, its services and the online purchase of products. The purposes for which the data are used are indicated in detail in the specific information provided by the Site, in all cases of data collection. We thus ask that you read the information describing the characteristics of the processings which will be performed by Post-up SA (for example, to register for the newsletter service, to access the personal space, etc.). These data will be processed in full respect of the privacy regulations.

5. Modalities, duration of the data processing and communication framework

The data may be processed on an electronic support or on paper (for example, for managing purchases on the Site). Post-up SA guarantees the legal and detailed processing of the personal data provided via the Site, in full respect of the regulations in effect, as well as the greatest secrecy of the data furnished in the registration phase. All of the information collected is transmitted on a secure network so as to prevent interception by any third persons.

Any data provided by the users shall be processed within the periods foreseen in the specific information furnished during the data collection.

With regard to the periods of storage of the data obtained via the use of profiling instruments (e.g. the cookies), see our Cookies Policy.

The data will not be communicated or disseminated to third parties if this is not within the limits and under the conditions expressly indicated in the information each time provided to the user and subject to the latter´s authorisation.

6. Links with other sites

The present information is provided solely for the site Rainbow Printing SA cannot be held responsible for the personal data provided by the users to external subjects or to any websites that may be linked to the present Site.

7. “Profiling” and/or personalisation instruments

Post-up SA does not conduct any promotional communication and/or advertising activity without the user´s express prior consent.

The Site uses “cookies”, both technical (i.e. in order to facilitate navigation and use of the Site), and profiling-related (i.e. to analyse the users and their behaviours and preferences, and to ensure that they receive personalised advertising).

For a detailed explanation of the cookies used by the Site and how to deactivate them, we invite you to read our Cookies Policy.

8. Location of the data processing

The processings of the data relating to the services provided by the Site are done at the headquarters of Post-up SA, whose details are indicated in section 1. These processings are performed by the employees designated by the management, as well as companies that furnish functional services for managing the Site, appointed as external subcontractors for the processing. A full list of the external subcontractors appointed by Rainbow Printing SA can be requested from the contact indicated in section 9 below.

9. Rights of data subjects

By sending an e-mail to the address, you can at any time exercise your right to know with what modalities and for what purposes your data will be used, modify the data or delete them, demand that we limit the use of these data, ask to receive or transmit these data, define guidelines on what is to be done with these data in the event of death, always subject to the possibility of changing your consent (possibly provided). Moreover, you can always object to the processing of your data performed, in particular, for marketing purposes or to analyse your preferences.

10. Who to address in order to submit a complaint

We remind you that, if you were not satisfied with the answers received from Post-up SA (cf. section 8 above) you will in any case, if you should consider that the processing that concerns you violates the provisions referred to by the Regulation, be able to file a complaint on, where you habitually reside, work or the place where the presumed violation occurred.

11. Applicable law

This Confidentiality Policy is governed by the Regulation EU 679/2016 and by the national regulations applicable on this subject, to the extent that these regulations shall remain applicable after the date of entry into effect of the Regulation (1-4-2019).

The Regulation guarantees that personal data are processed with respect for the rights and fundamental liberties as well as the dignity of the data subject, notably with regard to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to the protection of personal data.

12. Revision clause

Post-up SA reserves the right to re-examine, modify or simply update the present Confidentiality Policy in whole or part, at its exclusive discretion, in whatever form and at any time, without advance notice, also with regard to modifications of provisions of laws or regulations relating to the protection of personal data. We therefore ask you to regularly access this section in order to verify the publication of the most recent and up-to-date Confidentiality Policy or to check your electronic mailbox.

Policy of Oldtimer Printshop concerning the use of cookies

Oldtimer Printshop uses cookies to provide services that are designed to make the online activities of visitors to its site more efficient.
We use anonymous navigation cookies that are essential to optimise visitors' browsing experience on our site. The cookies allow users to access all its functionalities and the secure areas.
We use analysis cookies to identify more effectively how our site is used and to optimise it by providing content that is always interesting for visitors and tailored to their needs.
This information remains anonymous and is used for statistical purposes only.
By adjusting the settings of your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), you can define the cookies you wish to authorise and those you wish to block. To find out how to do this, click on your browser's Help link.